Thursday, November 03, 2016

This Reminds Of

In history we talked about the first nations..
before the Europeans came there was approximately
-50 major languages
-12 different languages families

in Canada there are three cultural areas
-great plains/prairies

The different kinds of language groups are

Unlike the French, the English did encourage agriculture and settlement in Canada. They had also charted the Hudson's bay company in 1670 with the help of two French traders who were Sier de Groseiller and Pierre Raddison. The region controlled by the company was called Rupert's land. ( was claimed by the English and French at the same time) The company established trading posts all long Hudson Bay. The French tried to cut into this operation by intercepting the Indian traders as they went down the rivers towards Hudson's bay.
The company of New France took over the fur trade and also arranged for 4000 immigrants to come to Canada. Far fewer than that came over by 1663 the population of New France was only about 2500

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