Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Great Coalition

- A temporary alliance between political parties
- in the best interest of the citizens
the French and English finally made peace

Investigating the Rebellions
the Durham report looked at the causes of the rebellions and they also were getting investigated by Britain
upper and lower Canada should be united under one governmental body
Britain should reduce its influence over the colonies and they should govern themselves
The French Canadians should be assimilated into British society

Act of Union
passed by Britain in 1841
based on Durham assimilation recommendation
 combined upper and lower Canada
they worked on the governmental system
what they also did is that they officially made English the main language

Robert Baldwin
-Canada West(English)
1840 granted pardons the rebels

Louis Lafontain
Canada west(French)
1840 granted pardons for the rebels

George brown
by the 1860s the colition could not stand against large scale demographic changes
advocated rep by pop

John A. macdonald
the new coalition
opposed rep by pop
provincial representation
influenced by the catholic church and French ideal

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