Tuesday, November 29, 2016

in the new of social struture

In todays news we are going to be talking about social structure and how some families are same and different. Some families are extended a extended family have the children grandparents aunts/uncles and their cousins and sometime mom and dad. There are also clans its a number of people who make up a community or who exist with in a bigger group. clans determined by:
the common ancestry( human animal)
depending on the group, you followed your mom (maternal) or dad (paternal) clan line. This leads to the community size for the community size it depended on the availability of resource's to ensure enough food and shelter and the safety if there is a lot of resource's then that means there are going to be more people. This could change during the season to for an example many Blackfoot nations lived in smaller clans in the winter. When the seasons get nicer they rejoin up again for hunting bison in the summer. The men and women have different roles and this will take us to the gender roles. The woman did the organizing, prepared games, planted harvest the crops. The men did the hunting and defending the group, negotiated relationship with the other groups. the roles were also flexible: everyone could to everything like men could do the organizing and the stuff that the girls did. the girls are the same way they could do the stuff that the guys did. It al deepened on the tradition.
now we are going to be going to the past witch are the elders they are recognized for having the most knowledge and the wisdom. to doesn't matter with it was male or female younger or older. They have the most experience they are the natural leader who teaches by example a lot of people in the community turn to these people on a daily bases. the elders are greatly respected. well now we are going to be talking about what everyone needs is an education the children learn by doing and were taught by the entire community. The whole community are expected to know their group's past, spiritual ideas and practical skills the education was meant to guide the children; not to tell them what to do. Everyone interprets things differently, makes their own choices and learn from their mistakes.

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