Monday, November 14, 2016

This Remids Me Of.....

Today we watched a history movie in class about George Brown and his political system. This reminds me of Fridays class when we watched part of this movie and they were voting to see who was going to be president. This also reminds me of our social class when we fought war and were fighting to see who won. A government is almost like the same thing you have as many people as you want running for president and they start to fight and offer things that don't normally happen. This fighting just recently happened in the U.S. election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. They started to fight between each other like in the movie we watched in class today. George brown and John A Macdonald fought a lot in this movie and they resigned and they had to vote again for a new government up to 3 times a day. this is called short term government. They fought a lot in this movie because they didn't get along at all, if they would get along the fighting would stop and they would actually have a stable government. Trump and Hillary would get along but  today people start stuff so they start to fight and dis each other. If they would get along the government wouldn't be interesting at all it would be boring and blah. so fighting between each other or yelling makes everything interesting instead of being boring. George brown and John A in this movie do not get along because they want to have two different political system so  some people would not be happy so they were always switching the government.

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