Wednesday, November 23, 2016

George Brown Twitter Tweet

Websites that I used:
-Simitator. (year unknown) website founder unknown.
-George Brown. (year unknown) Historica Canada


  1. I looked more into George Brown and foud out some pretty interesting things. Did you know that along side his political career he was a successful newspaperman. He owned a newspaper company called the Globe that is still around today, well kind of around today. in 1939 it merged with another company called The Mail and Empire to become the Globe and Mail, which is one of Torontos major newspapers today. I also learned that after his political career he denied the offer of become Canadas Governor General and to be knighted by the queen. Instead he focused on his Newspaper and also successful cattle bisness. Pretty cool guy if you ask me.

    Don't believe me, look at this site.

  2. I like this post a lot! It’s very clever and has a great use of hashtags. Rep by pop stands for representation by population which wanted equal representation for Canada West in the Province of Canada. The system was opposed by John A Macdonald and was eventually shut down in 1864. Personally if I would have had an important opinion during this time, I would have supported this system. For the current time it would make sense that if you had a bigger population, which Canada West did over the French-speaking Eastern part ( that they would be represented by more people. Everyone deserves a voice that can be heard and every opinion is valued.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post. I thought you had some really great hashtags also thought it was really funny. I find that the rep by pop (representation by population) would have been the best option and I for one support this system during that time if I were alive and had an important government role. It makes more sense to me to use rep by pop because everybody deserves to be heard. Take a look at this website it has lot of great info on rep by pop that you might be interested in


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