Monday, November 28, 2016

the news of the pemmican prolamation and the pemmican wars

In today’s news we are going to be talking about the pemmican proclamation and the pemmican wars. In the pemmican proclamation the metis were the main suppliers of the pemmican for the NWC. It was also the main economic resource then the Selkirk settlers were still trying to adjusting the “NEW WORLD” that they were living in. They had really poor crops and food shortage to. Governor of the Selkirk colony Miles MacDonnell made an order that they were banning the export of any food from the red river valley this included the metis pemmican this really hurt the metis trade and the NWC traders to but this was order to design to ensure that the Selkirk settlers had food. This somewhat caused a war and this is how we got the Pemmican wars. The metis blamed the settlers that caused fighting between the two groups the fur trader's started to attack the pemmican stores for the metis. Everything like the equipment, horses and the crops were destroyed and the settlers were threatened in the end.

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