Thursday, October 27, 2016

war of 1812

 today in history class we learnt about the war of 1812. by reenacting the battles in class  Isaac brock was the leader of the defense of upper Canada. there was also Tecum seh he was the leader of the Shawnee people he allied with the British  in the war of 1812 there were many battles such as fort Detroit, queenston heights, York, Lundy's lane and the battle of Washington. the British won the battle of fort Detroit and queenston heights the Americans won the battle of York but the battle of Lundy's lane was uncertain who won because so many people died the battle of Washington was the last battle and the British one they signed a treaty call the treaty of Ghent in 1814 it ended the war between the British and American's  but they were still at war with the French. Veterans of the War of 1812.L. to r. - Col. Duggan, Rev. Geo. Ryerson, Wm. Roe, Jacob Snider, Dr. Jas. H. Richardson, Jos. Dennis, J. Woodall, Jas. ross, Col. Bridgford, Geo. Ridout. Photo taken Oct. 23rd, 1861.
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