Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Pemmican Proclamtion/Wars

Today in class we learned about the Pemmican Proclamation and Wars. We learned that the Metis would make pemmican and trade it to North West Company for resources. The Selkirk Settlers were still getting used to the new world so they had many shortages of food and many poor crops. So trading for Pemmican was a good deal. The governor of the Selkirk colony banned all trade of food from Red River Valley. When this happened it hurt the trade for the Hudson Bay Company and the North West Company. This started a war because fur traders began raiding pemmican stores from the Metis. The Metis had blamed the settlers for raiding their pemmican stores and they began fighting. The settlers were threatened and their crops were destroyed along with their equipment. This reminds me of social studies in grade 5.

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