Thursday, October 13, 2016

aboriginal peoples

In todays history class we learnt about aboriginal people and how they live. before europiens or  anyone discovered North America there were aboriginals. They were in Groups called tribes there were many different tribes and not one was the same they had different ways of life and world views. Canada had 6 different regions  artic,subarctic,plateau,Great Plains,northwest coast,woodlands tribes who lived in the same region had similar practices and ways to live. because of the surroundings and same animals so they hunted the same prey. The tribes spoke many different laungues but most are extincted there were 5 language groups that evolved  such as Cree,Dakota,ojibwe,Oji-Cree,dene.


  1. I like how you actually included the 5 language groups. it sucks that today not all those languages are still around. some people can still speak these languages but not very fluently, so soon enough these languages are gonna be gone forever and that is really gonna suck.

  2. I like how you put a picture in your post to show people the 6 different cultural areas. 94% of the languages that they used to speak are pretty much extinct.


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