Monday, October 31, 2016

The Royal Proclamation!

What is the Royal Proclamation?

The Royal Proclamation is a very important/well known event that happened in history. In 1763 to be exact. For those of you who don't know what the Royal Proclamation is it is a document that was signed to establish rules between the British, Yankees, France, and the First Nations.

This is a photo of The Royal Proclamation. (2009). The University in British Columbia. indigenous foundations.

How Did The Royal Proclamation Come About?

King George III was the person who came up with the idea of having a document that established guidelines for the European settlement. King George III was the British leader. The British King was a very greedy/selfish man along with the rest of his country. They all thought that they were better than everyone else so it was okay for them to boss the Yankees, France, and the First Nations around. After Britain won the Seven Years War King George III wanted to claim all of the British territory in North America.

Who Was Affected?

The British, Yankees, French and the First Nations were all affected. The British played the part of being the bully. The French, and the First Nations were the ones who were targeted by the bully. The Yankees weren't affected just involved. They were kind of the bi-standards who saw everything going on, but didn't care too much about it because they weren't involved. They were only involved because they wanted to see what they could get from the deal.

Who Were The Leaders?

Each country had a different leader, except for France. France did not have any leader. Their country just worked together to get through this at the time. The British ruler was King George III. William Hull was the Yankees Ruler. And the First Nations had Chief Pontiac.

Why Were The French Against The Royal Proclamation?

-Worried that they wouldn't have a religion (Roman Catholic)
-Boundaries around Quebec were limited
-Limited areas where they could trap
-Had to leave own land
-Loss of money

Why Were The First Nations Against The Royal Proclamation?

-Didn't want to lose land
-Didn't want to lose hunting/fishing areas

What Did They Do To Stop The British?

Nobody agreed with the British, but some groups were putting up a fight a little more than others. The group that put up the most fight was the First Nations.
The French just basically rolled over and died even though they didn't like what was happening. They let the British bully them. When the British said "jump", they said "how high". Every once in a while there would be a French family that tried to stand up for what they believed in, but then their land usually got burned down.
The Yankees were the group that didn't really get affected. All they did was sit back and see how they could get benefited by making deals between the French, and the First Nations people. They didn't care too much about what happened.

How Would It Be Different If The British Saw Things Through The First Nations or the Frenches eye's?

If the British saw things through the First Nations of the French's eyes then they wouldn't have tried to take away/destroy their land. If the British would have seen how important their land was to them they might have helped them maintain it. They could have helped with dressing game that they have killed, or with fishing, and the British also could have helped them gather. At the very least they would have left them alone, and let them do their own thing. If they saw how much they like the land they would have realized how much they relied on the land for their own food/income.

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