Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Major General Isaac Brock

This month's highlight in our Grade 11 history class, was our War of 1812 reenactment. This is the war that happened in the year of 1812 between the British (who also teamed up with the First nations) and the Yankees. Major General Isaac Brock was one of the main people involved in the British side of the war of 1812. He was a big part of the military, and the administer of upper "Canada" (what is now known as Ontario).  Isaac Brock was not the most levelheaded, polite person out there, he was recognized as an angry man who acted on those feelings of hatred. The passion in his anger may be what lead the British to the victory of the war.

At the start of the war, Isaac lead troops in to take over the American Fort Michilimackinac. To prepare for his next attack, Brock met with Tecumseh (the First Nations leader/representative) and made a deal to become allies. During the night of August 15, 1812 Tecumseh lead his army across the Detroit river, later being followed by Brock and his forces. Isaac wanted to lure them into the open to make them more vulnerable, but later Tecumseh got his men to make native calls really loud to make it sound like there were a lot more of them than there actually were. The Americans surrendered almost immediately. This led to the win for Brock in the Battle of Detroit. With the win came with an American fort, territory now known as Michigan, and a bunch of war supplies.

The Yankee army next invaded Queenston Heights on October 13, 1812. They took the gun battery, and Brock decided on a direct attack a.s.a.p., not thinking to wait for backup. During the Attack Brock was hit in the chest, killing him instantly. The Battle of Queenston Heights was the Major General's last fight.

War of 1812. (2011) Uploaded by RCGS/HDI/Parks Canada. Available online at:

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Check out this video on the Canadian side of the war of 1812:


  1. I really enjoyed your blog about the beginning of the War of 1812, You included a lot of great information about who General Isaac Brock was, and how he acted and how his personality effected the results of the war. I liked reading about the Battle of Detroit and how Tecumseh's people made war cries to scare away the US. Event though they were out numbered they used they sneaky knowledge and tricked them, I like that. And I completely agree with the fact that because of Isaac Brock's rough attitude and tough personality lead the British to victory. Good job!

    1. Oh and to add to this comment I would like to include this that includes a very informational photo of the Battle of Detroit.

  2. I enjoy that you portrayed Isaac Brock as angry and stubborn... it adds a glimpse of his true character and helps me to see why the British military were so successful during a lot of their battles. If you would have chosen a different word such as determined it would have ruined the effect and made him seem less stubborn and more willing to give up. If I were to write this post however, I probably would have used a description that carried less bias and more facts. If I were to tell of the impression that he gave, I would have told of his actions that made people think of him in such a way.

    This site gives a description of Brock from a different light but it is generally supported by facts, if you would like to check it out.

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