Monday, October 31, 2016

Social Media Showcase


  1. I loved your social media showcase post, it was funny, informational, and historical with the twist of modern day. I like how accurately sassy you made the British sound, #petty, that made me laugh. The information is good and helpful on knowing what was going on in that one part of the War of 1812. It really shows the personality of the British, and how powerful they were against the US. They won many of the battles and took a lot of the control. I was just wondering about William Hull? I'm just guessing he was the man in charge at the time. Or was he maybe part of the US leaders, who lost against the British.

    1. Oh and to add to my comment I would like to include this which has lots of very useful information of William Hull, with a very nice picture of him.

  2. I loved your social Media post, it was really funny, and was about accurate, had plenty of information and was really historically. I like how you made the British sound like the top leaders here and were really confident that they would win against the U.S. The information is really noticeable in this blog; you know what is going on in the war and the date of the war great info. It also shows how powerful William Hull and the British army was at the time. I was just wondering was William Hull a great leader for the British army? I think that the hashtags in this post are accurate definitely #WilliamHull.


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