Friday, December 23, 2016

Residential Schools

Residential schools reach the height of historical significance. The horrible, damaging effects of the schools didn't just the people that went to them, they transcended generations, being passed on and on, affecting thousands of Native Americans nationally.

How Residential Schools Affected:

          Parents of Children Attending: Had no way to stay in contact with their children and suffered the devastating effects of separation. The parents had to deal with the total lack of input in the care and welfare of their children which was highly stressful for them especially when they became aware of the abuse going on at the schools.

          Children Attending: The children were fully stripped of their native languages and culture and were punished if they were found practicing them. They were often abused and they were also subjected to long hours of work and chores. Children were raised without the love that parents provide for them. 

          Children and Grandchildren of the Children from Residential Schools: Feelings of alienation, shame and anger were passed down through parenting because of the lack of supportive parental figures that the people in the schools had. These individuals would often be abused and that does not leave a good foundation for healthy mental health. 

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