Wednesday, December 14, 2016

louis riel (this reminds me off)

Louis riel was a bilingual metis man. he also was the founder of Manitoba born 22 October 1844 in Saint-Boniface, Red River Settlement died 16 November 1885 in Regina SK Riel led two popular Métis governments, was central in bringing Manitoba into Confederation and was executed for high treason for his role in the 1885 resistance to Canadian encroachment on Métis lands. Riel was initially dismissed as a rebel by Canadian historians, although many now sympathize with Riel as a Métis leader who fought to protect his people from the Canadian government.  this reminds of the time my grandparents told me the story about my ancestor he fought beside Louis riel in the resistance they told me that he was hung just like Louis riel. I'm very interested in Louis riel because I am metis and he was my hero as a kid when my grandparents use to tell me story's about him.
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  1. Hey Marc! I really liked your blog post! It was nice to read about how one of your ancestors helped fight alongside Louis Riel. Do you know their name? I’m sure it would be very interesting to learn more about him and more about your history. One thing that I think you could improve on and fix is some of your spelling and grammar. It is always important to go back and to proofread what you wrote because you did forget some capitals and an occasional word which made your sentence not make sense. Overall though, I thought you did a wonderful job and would encourage you to learn more about your history.

  2. Louis Riel is definitely an interesting topic. He played a key role in Manitoba's confederation and made the federal government aware of Metis peoples power, which lead to the development of Metis rights. There is just so many things that this man has done. He was involved with the provisonal government that help bring Manitoba to Confederation. He fought for Metis rights by leading what is know as the Red River resistance. Louis Riel is viewed as a hero today by many, including you and me. Its to bad he meet such a tragic end, but I believe his memory and story will live on forever.

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  3. I found it really interesting that one of your ancestors helped Lois Riel fight. Do you know if it was just on fight, or like a whole bunch of other ones? While reading your post I couldn't help but notice that your grammar could use a little work. It was just small stuff, like remembering to use capitals, and using punctuation to fix run on sentences. Did you know that Louis Riel's second wife was Marie Guernon? Her parents were racist so they did not want her to marry a metis man. You can find more fun facts about him at:


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