Tuesday, December 20, 2016

George Brown.

George Brown. Uploaded by Florida Centre for Instructional Technology (2016). Can be found online at:  http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/400/471/brown_2.htm


  1. Hey Jade. Nice picture and good descriptive words. I like how you incorporated words and descriptions from just about all the different aspects of George Brown’s life. I like the idea of your format with the difference in word sizes, but some of the words are very small and hard or impossible to read. One of your words is ‘Mass Circulation’; mass circulation of what? Was he a part of something that had a lot of supporters and acknowledgement, or is it a reference to his newspaper that had a lot of readers? Overall it is pretty good, but maybe consider different formatting next time.

  2. Hey Jade, I really like your choice of picture and you have some good descriptive words about different aspect of George Brown’s life. However, I think your choice of background color makes the picture very difficult to read since you picked colored lettering. Perhaps next time you’ll pick something easier on the eyes, like white. One of your words is powerful, which I find very interesting. He was a very big influence on Canadian history and helped pave the way for Confederation (http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/george-brown/) Did you know that George Brown’s nickname is one of the Fathers of Confederation? Interesting! A suggestion for next time is to be a nicer person though and not very loudly make fun of beautiful tagxedo that everyone could see Wilfred Laurier in except you.

  3. I really like your picture Jade. It is a little hard to read some of the descriptive words because they are either "A" to small, or "B" your picture of George brown is to blurry. All of the words that I can make out are very positive. I personally would be honored if someone thought that some of those characteristics would apply to me. Your picture is very informative. It has everything from what I already knew about him, to things that I only know from looking at your picture. For example I knew that he was a francophone, but I learned that he bread cattle, and that he was a publisher. I wonder how long he was in that cattle business for. Do you think that, that is what his parents did for a living, so he did it to when he was growing up? Or do you think that was his actual job? I also wonder what kinds of things that he published. Were they books, or articles in a news paper, or something else? What ever they were I bet that they were non-fiction. Here are some facts on George brown: http://biography.yourdictionary.com/george-brown

  4. The only problem I see first off, would be the fact that the picture isn't very high resolution, making it difficult to read the words. Other than that, I am very intrigued by the colour scheme. I can tell you have many good words, that are very strong when it comes to vocabulary. You can really get to know his view, by the words you've put. Anti-French, is really good especially. I just have a question. The only part I was confused was with Francophone, and Anti-French. Did he change his mind? Lack's a bit of detail there. This site helped clarify for me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Brown

  5. This is a very nice photo Jade! One of the words that caught my eye right away was 'publisher'... I had no idea that he did that! I was looking online trying to find information on that but I couldn't find it mentioned anywhere except Wikipedia and I've heard that sometimes Wikipedia isn't the best place for reliable information... you always want to make sure that your information is reliable especially when you're sharing it with such a large scale audience, but I’d believe it to be true nonetheless. I think that he definitely has a certain aptitude to be one, with his intelligence and illustrious past that I find mentioned in many words in your picture.
    The following link includes very interesting and reliable information about George Brown. (Copy and paste to check it out) http://www.canadahistoryproject.ca/1867/1867-08-gbrown.html


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