Friday, January 12, 2018

This reminds me of

The Winnipeg general strike.

Causes: At the end or the first world war a lot of the soldiers  couldn't return from Europe because they didn't have enough money to do so. When they got home there wasn't any work for them to do because all of the factories were shutting down due to the industrial revolution and every worker was being replaced by machines and only few workers were needed to run these machines. Also these workers conditions were awful, the work was unsafe there was no protection from the machines no safety equipment was available at the time. Is was very unclean, they had terrible hours they could work 10 hours one day then only like 2 the very next day or not at all. The government also didn't know how to handle the mass amounts of troops coming  over and who need work, and they didn't know how to handle work conditions that if they even cared enough about it.

Historical significance.To this day it is still the biggest strike ever on Canadian soil, there were tens of thousands of people involved and that's when there was maybe no more than 2 million people in Canada at this time. The day of the strike was known as "Bloody Saturday" there was only 2 people killed but the police would corner a group and beat them with there bully clubs. They have even hit young children. This in one of or the biggest push for safe work for all workers in Canada. The strike shed some light on how badly the workers were being treated.

Consequences: There are plenty of consequences for different people, a lot of the police force was fired after bloody Saturday even though they did there job by keeping the peace. Also 2 people were killed on this day for trying to get safe work. All of the leaders of the strike were deported into the U.S. a lot of the people who were involved in the strike were sentenced to jail and some were deported with there leaders. Thousands of people were unemployed after this because there were involved in some was in the strike. Whoever got injured in the strike had to live with there injuries because they couldn't go to the doctor or they could've known that they took part in the strike and would've been deported to.

Conclusion: I have talked about they this is a very important topic and we still learn about it today because it involved so many people and most of them were badly injured even though only 2 people died. it was very significant because it made everyone think about getting safer work and fair wages and fair work our for everyone. this also made unions to help protect your job if your being fired for a bad reason.


  1. Hey jason really great blog! I liked how you included the causes, consequences and all that great mamajama, it was great, and I must say with the winnipeg general strike I would hate to not have a job if I came back home because I would want to make money. Without money we can’t really do anything and to get money they would need to get better hours but they didn’t, i also believe that they didn’t need to kill two people, because that would have caused much more mayhem which they didn’t need. For the historical significance I must say I agree because without that push for safe work we probably wouldn’t have good hours or good pay or jobs for people for that sake. For conclusion I didn’t know about that last part that was very interesting for me, I’m just gonna say without it it would not be like it is today because there could have been a possibility if it didn’t happen it would be the same today. Well that’s all I have to say and again great post

  2. Well Jason looks like i will be commenting on your blog again. I felt this one was a little scrabbled. It starts off talking about the secound world war, it took me a secound to realize why you were talking about this, then i realized you were doing a this reminds me of. But i still would have liked to see a little bit of a intro in to that. I noticed you had the paragrapghs labeled causes, historical significance, consequences and conclusion. But I thought thought is not a cause in this case. When you are looking at World war 1 in this prompt, it is not a cause of the Winnipeg General Strike. Then the rest of the the paragraphs didn't really found connecting to your prompt. Often I find myself having to read your sentaces twice, cause it doesn't always makes sense. Or the sentances get a little on the long side, but I know I do the same so who am I to judge. I also felt you could have expanded on a couple areas. Such as why people people would be deported if they reported injuries. To many of the m were not registered citizens would have made more sense for the readers that are not as familiar with the subject as much as you. It appears i have taken quite a negitive stand in this comment, but normally we are so postive, so heck lets mix it up. This is my last blog comment ever, so heck yea.

  3. hi Jason im commenting on you post because this is the last class and I need a 50 in this class. I liked how you included the causes, consequences and if it happened again today it would suck to not have a job and no money


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