Thursday, September 29, 2016

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Today in class we talked about Rupert's land, New France, and 13 Colonies.  We started off with talking about New France. New France is a very interesting topic, the population started off at 15 000 in the year 1700 and in sixty years the population jumped up to 65 000 people.(that's a lot of people in sixty years). News back then was passed down from the main head person to different levels of people. Rupert's land is the smallest colony out of the 3, with New France being the next biggest. There was not very many people in Rupert's land so they all had to do work in the colony. 13 Colonies is the biggest colony out of the 3. This colony had enough people to not fall behind in  their work so the elders could  sit down and rest while the younger people could go and work for the day.
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  1. Hey Ethan. Your post was, interesting. Just kidding it sucked. Ha just kidding about that part too, it was pretty good, but a little confusing and misleading. For starters you stated that Ruperts land was the smallest, then New France, and final that the 13 colonies were the biggest. population wise you are correct, but you didn't say that which lead me and probably all your other readers to think that you were talking about land size. If you are talking about land size you have them in the opposite order as you can see by this picture.

    On that map you can clearly see the colony sizes. You may also notice the stripes on Newfoundland and may wonder why. It's because at that time both New France and the British, or 13 colonies, had settlements or land claims there. Hopefully now you can see why I was confused. You said that Ruperts land was the smallest when it is clearly the biggest. And again, population wise you are correct. But you didn't say population. So maybe you could fix it.

    Also in the middle of your blog you wrote a sentence about how the news was passed down from the higher ups to the lower levels. I just don't see why you would randomly put that in the middle of your post while your talking about the colonies sizes. Also you never told us which colony used that method or why they did it. So a little more information would be nice.

    Hopefully you don't think that my comment was rude because that was not my intention, I'm just trying to improve your post.


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