Thursday, September 29, 2016

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In the classroom we have been learning all about The First Peoples & Their world.


There are "6" Cultural Areas in Canada
     -Western & Eastern
-Northwest Coast
-Great Plains/Prairies
Map. (2012). Uploaded by Dragonfly Consulting Services Canada. Available online at:

Language Families

Before the European Contact was made there were about:
        -50 major languages
        -12 distinct language families
        -numerous dialects.
To this day 94% of indigenous languages in Canada are at risk of extinction due to lack of speaking them. (1)The three most used are Cree, Ojibway, and Inuktitut


We have three Cultural Areas in Canada:
      -Great Plains/Prairies
There are also language groups (5 of them)

(2) As of 2011, the most popular language spoken in Canada was Algonquian with a total of 144,015 people speaking it.

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  1. Did you steal my information? Ha Ha I'm just joking and i know we just blogged about the same thing (although mine was better, check it out at And i guess if anything i would of still form you because I posted my blog after yours, but that doesn't matter. And now to talk about the good stuff, the information.

    Before the class started I had no idea about this stuff. If you would of asked me before what the cultural areas were of Canada and how many there were , I wold of probably respond with the incorrect answer of "there are 4, North, South, East , and West regions." Now I know, and i also know that first nations speak different languages, but I had no idea about language families, or the different linguistic groups, or that 94% of there dialogues are at risk of extinction. That's a depressing thought. I wonder how those first Nations groups fell about that, knowing that there language is extinct or at risk of extinction. I can't speak for them, but to if it were me that would seriously suck.

    You also have me confused. On your first referenced fact you put "The three most used are Cree, Ojibway, and Inuktitut" and on your second one you put "As of 2011, the most popular language spoken in Canada was Algonquian with a total of 144,015 people speaking it.". Those don't align very well together. So It's not you, but one of your sites is wrong. Unless Algonquin speakers plummeted in the last few years or Algonquin is another name for one of the previously listed languages.

    Anyway, nice blog.


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