Wednesday, January 25, 2017

battle of loos

Dear dairy

 French British and British forces will try to break through are defenses in Artois.  We presume that their goal is to improve their war effort and restore the war of movement. The enemies have begun to their assault and are trying to break are wire around loos with artillery strikes. They have been unsuccessful thus afar but we must drive them back before they are able to gain any more ground on loos. A unforeseen event however is that the British are using chlorine gas against us which was a surprise because they have never used it before, never the less this won’t be a big issue for us. We have not lost and major casualties only some ground losses but we were able to hold them off for the time begging. The have reinforcement only a few days away so we need to regroup and begging to prepare for another assault.

Dear diary

Sep 26. The British have resumed their attack on loos with new reserves. We managed to recover and improved are defensive positions. In a matter of hours we have managed to take out more than half of their battalions we killed 8000 of the 10000 sent to attack loos. We are hoping that they do not attack from the north for are defenses there are not as strong as are defenses in the southern part of loos. Before the days end we will have defeated the opposing force.

Dear diary

Sep 28. We have full driven back the British and French army’s. We must have killed more than 20000 solder’s during the battle. While digging through the mound of corpses we discovered that among the mass of body’s we had also killed three major generals during the fight. This is a massive step for us and is war effort s. now we must work on recapturing the Hohenzollern Redoubt and the rest of the ground we have lost during the battle which will prove to be a difficult task and will take weeks to accomplish. Most of our time in this division will be spent repairing the damages that loos had suffered and burning the countless body’s the fill the land surrounding the town.

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