Sunday, August 07, 2016

EXAMPLE POST - This Reminds Me Of

     This blog reminds me of the classroom blogging project we participated in when we were in Grade 8. One of the main reasons for this comparison is because Mrs. Thompson was our teacher for Grade 8 homeroom (math, science, and art) as well as our teacher now (history). In Grade 8 our blog was a collaborative activity that we maintained during class time and it was treated somewhat casually. We could use the blog posts to catch up on what we missed in class or get ideas from other people for our science projects. This blog, however, is much more formal and we will use it to communicate our understanding to Mrs. Thompson as well as connect with others and think deeper about the topics shared in class. Each of our blog posts counts as a major assignment towards our overall classroom grade.

     I've created the following venn diagram to help illustrate the similarities and differences between our Grade 8 blogging project and our Canadian History blog:

     If you are interested in viewing the blog we created in Grade 8, to see the similarities and differences for yourself, it can be viewed at:

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